A New Brain. A New Beginning.

Why do we struggle to make changes in our life? It’s in our brain. Our lower ‘survival’ brain is in full lockdown, the result of ongoing stress in our lives. To the lower brain, sameness = safety, even when it isn’t working.

Higher Brain Living® is a revolutionary gentle-touch technique that consistently and repeatedly creates a surge of energy into the Higher Brain, loosening the grip of our primal ‘survival’ brain while providing clients with a mapping system to help create the life they’ve dreamed of. For the first time in history, you can actually change the physiology of your brain in order to change your life.

With the shift in energy in their brain, clients find they easily begin to change habits and beliefs that have held them hostage. They report weight loss, greater clarity, less stress, more happiness, connection and joy.

But more than that, Higher Brain Living® is a vehicle for our potential to be realized. Paired with a mapping system, which gives them a pathway into their Fearlessly Authentic Life, clients quickly create the life they’ve dreamed of. We call this vertical growth. Our clients call it a new life.

Based on the most progressive knowledge of 21st century neuroscience, with roots in ancient wisdom that dates back to yogi mystics 5,000 years ago, Higher Brain Living® is transformation, proven and repeatable.

Over a period of 22 Higher Brain Living® Sessions, we will create a clear channel and powerful energy surge to the Higher Brain that opens a gateway to true, lasting, limitless and expansive living. Energetic pathways in the central nervous system create surges of energy that flow into the pre-frontal cortex, or Higher Brain, when touched in the right location, with the right pressure and in the right sequence. When this new discipline is applied, a spontaneous movement of breath surges in the body creating a feedback mechanism
that brings life-sustaining oxygen up through the body and increases metabolism in the Higher Brain. These Sessions will bring radical transformation in your thoughts and in your life.

See the image to the left to get a clear understanding of the lower and Higher Brain. Your new, evolved Higher Brain is where you experience joy, confidence and abundance.


The Higher Brain Living® Movement is leading-edge and our thinking is outside of the box. However, we are grounded in science and very committed to a scientific theory and research agenda.

Science has shown that we only use only five percent of our Higher Brain’s potential. This is not surprising, considering our sensory experience is first filtered through our lower primitive brain—physiologically blocking our limitless capacity for joy and well-being. Higher Brain Living® is the only system in the world which shifts the physiological state of the brain consistently and repeatedly, and uses this advanced brain state to transform all areas of your life.

The Higher Brain, known as the pre-frontal cortex, activates your body’s ability to rejuvenate, feel inner calm and find meaning. This vital part of our brain has long been mostly dormant. Higher Brain Living® is a groundbreaking discovery!

Find below a before and after EEG (electroencephalogram) brain scan of a Higher Brain Living® recipient demonstrating brainwave changes or increased energy in Higher Brain regions following Higher Brain Living® Sessions.

Through a series of 22 Sessions led by a highly trained Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, subtle energy neuro-pathways are opened and activated through touch. The process creates waves of energy and a salutogenic breathing response that releases stress, rejuvenates and reorganizes every cell in the body.

This activation creates a feedback mechanism that brings life-sustaining oxygen and increased metabolism into the Higher Brain. The experience is relaxing and empowering and opens a gateway to joy, gratitude, purpose, meaning and connection to the divine.

But the Higher Brain Living® experience is much more expansive than a series of sessions on a session table. Clients also receive comprehensive tools to help navigate out of chronic emotional blockages and into the joyful, vertical growth reality of Higher Brain Living®, helping rapidly propel them into the life of their dreams.

You too, can experience this transformational development in science.

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