Self Care Space

“Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity.
Make your life worth living.” Albert Einstein

I registered my business name under “Self Care Space.” These simple three words came to me one morning last fall upon waking up. They reminded me of the title of Virginia Woolf’s book, A Room of One’s Own, and although that book was about a woman’s need for time and space of her own if she wants to be a writer, in a similar fashion, many of us need to carve out time and space for our own self care. Self Care Space captured for me the feeling of physical spaces as well as mental spaces of our own. I pondered each word: Self, Care and Space.

“Self” can often be thought of as the small identity that we carry in our physical body. But identity often provokes the questions, Who are we? And, How can we discover who we are? What are our dreams, goals, and longings? But “Self” can also be seen as higher being that is connected to all beings as one. If everyone takes care of oneself, then, the whole world will become a beautiful place to live in. Inter-connectivity and inter-being are our truer reality, however, our Self-responsibility to establish and nurture our own healthy ego is the starting point.

“Care” to me feels like a mother’s oceanic love. Even though I don’t have the cognitive memory of my mother’s womb, I often long for the security and safety of it. However, when I am feeling secure, open, and free, I experience the presence of that original maternal support and I am able to totally be myself. This sense of security, safety and freedom can be created by others who care about our wellbeing, or it can be created by ourselves. Becoming a person who fosters such an environment for her self is essential for a healthy life, and fostering it for others is sacred.

“Space” I associate with a sensation of expanding my mind and body giving them spiritual wings. We often say, “I need some space.” What does this mean? I suggest that we are asking for the freedom to spread our thoughts and feelings like an eagle in the sky. We want to be our own masters. We want to fly to the Moon–or at least be free to imagine it. Why not? Of course, we want to communicate with others, and yet becoming who we are, in my mind, requires us to occasionally carve out space to be alone.

I created a small, cozy space as my working room that I call my “Self Care Space”. This is a space for me to be who I am at my core. It is within this space that I also facilitate opportunities to assist others in doing the same: to assist others to spread the mind’s “wings” and fetch their own desires and dreams.