Finding Walker unexpectedly and experiencing what she does has changed my life significantly. I feel as though I have been reborn. Being born with spina bifida I have experienced severe pain all of my life. Sick from a tick bite that caused me years of suffering ,seemed endless and such a heavy load. I no longer experience pain in the way I'm so used to. I no longer have the anxiety and depression associated with my pain and illness. I live a very different existence now. Peaceful, full of joy, free for the first time, free from the burdens of my body and mind, free from the burdens of the past and future. I can’t thank Walker enough for her wisdom, compassion and commitment to my miraculous journey. She is so special to me and a treasure to to anyone who seeks her out. Freedom is the treasure worth searching for. Thank you, Walker, for the map. -Mirabella
I would call Walker Lee a gift to my 60s. Things I love about her: Energetic serenity. Non-judgmental. So generous with her time. Bringing her lifetime as a seeker of truth to help others see theirs. Creative, free thinker. But mainly, she manifests JOY! -Ruth
When I had my first session of HBL with Walker West, I was on "the edge" of discovering my true self...my heart self...my authentic self, my unconditional love self, my compassionate self, my empathetic self, the wonderful synchronicities. I have had and I am presently having in my life, AND on the edge of finally FORGIVING myself. When the student is ready: The Master will come. In the second month of HBL with Walker, my husband and I renewed our vows. It was our thirty-six year wedding anniversary...it shifted our love for each other drastically. We have survived a wonderful year of my husband's retirement because of HBL... Walker coached me on how to truly love and respect myself. I "now think" in a forgiving kind way as much as possible and I try "not" to judge. HBL gives you "perspective." Practicing HBL keeps me balanced. Breath is key....like all yoga spirituality. Practicing the steps of HBL is easy and simple... at any age.. at any physical level of condition. I wish I could have taught my boys HBL when they were young....I wish "I" had known the gift of HBL when "I" was young. Walker West has The Gift of helping you leave the past behind, learn the lessons...but forgive, forgive, forgive. My life shifted UPWARD and FORWARD with Walker West and I will never be the same...HAPPY.....My GRATITUDE to Walker West for her loving coaching; Counselor, teacher, Master facilitator of HBL AND for changing me into the person I presently am. I am "unafraid" for the first time in my life. Who could ask for more???? - Virginia
After years of battling with addiction, anxiety, and depression, and having exhausted a long list of treatment options, I was about to give up on my hopes of ever having a fulfilling life until I met Walker. Unlike traditional psychotherapy which overemphasizes fixed methodologies and professional boundaries and leaves out the human side of things, what Walker has to offer is much like a conversation between two old friends sitting at a park bench, passing the time amidst the cool autumn breeze and a gentle setting sun. Through her wisdom and patience, Walker has given me courage and strength to look ever deeper within myself and untie years of tangled thoughts and misguided beliefs that lie at the root of my distress. Through her critical thinking and non-judgmental mind, she has challenged me to think independently about conventional ideas and societal norms, freeing me from my self-imposed obligations to place the needs of others before my own. Through her compassionate and warmhearted spirit, she has taught me to how to love myself again, and given me the confidence to believe in myself and embrace the differences that make me unique. Before each and everyone of us there lies a path that leads away from suffering, through the warm loving embrace of a happiness that does not fade away, and into the heart of a truth that transcends our ordinary lives and who we claim ourselves to be. Walker has been, is, and will always be the guiding light that illuminates my path and accompanies me throughout my journey. – Kevin
I haven't met anyone who is better than Walker in asking life related questions that I reflect and wake up from ignorance. Through my coaching conversations with her, I have been able to make the right choices and decisions that benefit my personal growth. I was amazed how each question that she threw at me could unveil so many hidden treasures of my life. It is rare that someone can see our problems so quickly and to the point. I think that is Walker’s superpower, maybe just one of many. Walker’s coaching is like a mirror, which helps me to see myself; is like sunshine, which lights up the dark corners of my life; is like snow-shoveling, which cleans up the roads for me so that I will be less likely to fall on my path. Her coaching is the best gift that I gave to myself. - Nickie
Walker has been my Thinking Companion for more than 20 years. As a colleague, confidante, and cheerleader, she has inspired me, pushed me, stopped me, encouraged me as I have journeyed through the ups and downs of marriage, parenting, career, and creativity. What she has to offer is always rich, thoughtful, relevant, and helpful. She can also be provocative and blunt. But I come away from our communications enriched with a different perspective and renewed spirit. Walker is wonderful! - Susan
My coaching experience with Walker has been a turning point in my life in many different ways. The years of psychotherapy and ruminating the past gave place to a new awareness of present and future discoveries where everything was possible; Walker lead me on a self discovery path, guiding me in identifying my passions, my needs and desires, my blocks and self limiting beliefs and replace them with new found affirmations and empowering realizations for new beginnings. Extremely invested from the very beginning, gentle, non judgmental, clear, sincere, compassionate, generous, open minded, kind, joyous, she lead me to realize how beautiful and infinite the process of searching and finding oneself is, and, communicated to me such an excitement for new adventures. She questioned me and with a spontaneous and kind curiosity made me realize how to interact with myself and become the best friend I always wanted and needed to be and gave me permission to attend to my needs without guilt but great sincerity. She set me up on a path where I could become strong and independent...she understood me as no one had before and made me feel worthy, special, courageous, and talented. To this day, the work we have done together stays as the foundation in my life and still serves me in times of doubt and challenges. -Laurence
My interactions, conversations, and meetings with Walker West have been more directly transformative than with any other coaching or counseling figure that I have worked with. She is a guide, an emotional ally, and a sympathetic shaman. Doing deep inner shadow work is no picnic, and it is so important that during life transformation processes, as we go through incredible change in our lives, to have support that is not impositional, but instead gently unconditional and open-minded. For me, Walker has been an invaluable support to me at the intersection of transformative shamanism, and coming into the sacred feminine principle, while living in the present day world. She is a true Wise Woman, compassionate and deeply practical - self-care is a practice in and of itself, but often we lose it, or never learned it in the first place. When we see our lives in tumult or stagnation, we must go back to that core, for something needs shifting, or mending. Walker has helped me to reprogram my beliefs about what is possible for me to accomplish and be in my life, and shift my energies and focus back to myself, on a primal level and also on an intellectual, conscious level. Her approach is spiritual, integrated, Buddhist, flexible, but simple, and always loving and nonjudgmental. - Cheryl
Walker was always there for me when I needed her. She was at my birthdays several times, and performances as well. She often told me to enjoy the moment when things were working, and move on when I felt compromised. Unlike typical Asian mothers who would tell their children to stay in the comfort zone, she encouraged and supported me to follow my own intuition and instinct. She understood what I wanted in my life. She didn’t judge my thinking. All the good healers come into our life at the right time when we need them, not on and off like those therapists on demand who sleep when you talk. Many of them have no real life experiences. They only have intellectual knowledge through education. Walker is living her life honestly and intensely, and changing all the time reinventing her new desired normal. She is my friend. - Mai
I picked Walker was my life coach in 2007/2008 and worked with her for about 8 months. I was in a very difficult situation in my life, confused about my life situation, especially love and business matters. Walker had the ability to draw a line, bring light into my matters and helped me step by step with different and continuing tasks, techniques to figure out what's best for me. From week to week my situation and issues got clearer to me and I could slowly recognize what the best next step should be. I experienced walkers guidance as a flashlight which brought light into the dark so that I could finally see and clean up where it was needed. She definitely empower me as a human being and woman so that I was able to take my life after in my own hands without "having" to rely anymore on anyone else - but me. - Monika
Walker West is not only a guide but an inspiration. She brings a razor sharp quality of perception and a deep level of absorption to her work. She has a special gift for being able to connect the dots between the seemingly disparate inner narratives of our lives, offering a healing through a sense of wholeness. She sees the vital energy of her subjects and encourages that aspect with a passion that is wonderfully infectious. You leave her company enriched, as if she's turned on a light switch that illuminates the "stuff" you no longer need so that you can shine more brightly as the true, organic, you: the you that is a part of a much greater, much larger story: a you that resonates like a song you know by heart, but haven't sung in years! - Gia
“Is this good for you?” was the very first question I remember from my coaching sessions with Walker West. It was an eye opener. A lot of things in my life were not good for me. But some were. I was unable to see the difference. Walker was the very first person in my life who was completely non-judgmental in our relationship, gently pointing me in a direction which was right for me at that moment. With endless patience, love and wisdom she listened to my stories. She never told me what to do. Patiently, by asking questions, listening to my meandering replies, she was reflecting back to me the essence of the situation I was in, helping me to get centered again and listen to that little voice within me for answers. My dream was to change my career path direction and start teaching. As a result of our work together, I was able to manifest this dream into a reality. I completed my BFA degree in 2009, and the MFA in 2012. I have been happily teaching now for five years. - Inga