“It rained last night heavily, and now the skies are beginning to clear; it is a new fresh day. Let us meet that fresh day as if it were the only day. Let us start on our journey together with all the remembrance of yesterday left behind—and begin to understand ourselves for the first time.” ~ Freedom From The Known, by Krishnamurti

Do you want to energize your higher brain?

I am a Mastery Facilitator in Higher Brain Living®, a revolutionary gentle-touch technique that consistently and repeatedly creates a surge of energy into the Higher Brain. You can read more about this transformational technique here.

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I am your Thinking Companion supporting you to illuminate your longings, the ones that come alive in your dreams. Exploring these hidden inner thoughts can be the switch that awakens your vibrant self. I will be your guide as we uncover all the conditioned thoughts and limiting beliefs that are no longer working for you. I have applied these processes to my own life and I've watched how they have benefited my clients in transforming their lives. Feel free to read what they say about my work here.
My first client was my sister in her teens, and she has consulted with me ever since. And, my friends from school years and adult years, as well as my colleagues at the pharmaceutical company where, in an earlier incarnation of this lifetime, I was employed as a Research Chemist in the New Drug Formulation, have also been both my earliest and my ongoing clients as well.
My late husband said I was a freedom trail hot line. My mother used to say that I would go out of my way to spend my time and money to make others happy. What I have found is that nothing beats doing what I can to help others to enjoy being themselves.
The question for you becomes: What stops you from having what you want in your life?

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What you do

Are you in transition to a new phase? Do you want to live from the inside out (from your heart instead of from your cultural conditioning)? Are you afraid of making changes in your life? Do you have challenges you need to overcome? Are you overwhelmed by the weight of your to-do list, which is bringing you down?
You are the owner of your life, and you have all the abilities and resources you need already in you. You were born whole, a bundle of joy, and you still are. Invite fresh new thoughts that will lead you to the life you want to live. You can do it and I can assist you.
We live in the world of our thoughts. In my experience, it is our thoughts that create the realities that we live with. Therefore, changing your thoughts will change your life situations.
Understanding the structure of our consciousness (thought and memory) not with an intellectual mind but with heart and guts, you will have a total awareness of your life situations, and pay attention to what is happening to you at the present moment. Such an observation can be cultivated, and you can take steps to create your desired state of being.

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