My goal is to assist you in making changes in your life, especially when you are in a transition from one set of circumstances into another, starting a new chapter, or if you have come to a junction in your life where your old patterns and life-style are no longer working, or perhaps there is a part of you that you feel has not had a chance to be expressed and you are ready to explore Who You Are, and to meet with your true nature in what I refer to as my Self Care Space.

What I offer is an environment, and form of dialogue, where you can pause from your busy everyday life and pay attention to your life path. When was the last time you paid full attention to yourself without judgment? The Self Care Space is a healthy, compassionate and private time to give your self the opportunity to create a miracle. Coaching sessions can be a gift from you to yourself. It is all about YOU. Sessions can be facilitated at my office in person, or by phone, or by other means that suit your schedule and life-style, such as through written email communications.

The initial session will be longer than regular sessions, so that I may get a fuller picture of you and your circumstances. You may bring to the first session topics or questions that you would like to explore. It is also possible that the first session may be all you need at this time, or you may discover that it would be beneficial to continue and establish a longer term commitment, where we can focus our work together on transforming an outmoded way you have come to look at yourself and your life, that is no longer working for your benefit.

As I mentioned above, sometimes a single session can work like a light switch and aid new clients in confirming an aspect of their identity that has just needed a nudge in the right direction.

I have also observed that with clients who are interested in bigger and more comprehensive changes that this type of work usually takes at least three to six months of regular coaching sessions where I am able to guide them to alter old thinking patterns and where they will start to see changes in their daily lives.

Session formats and frequency are flexible to accommodate the needs of the client and the structure of their process.

The initial session (up to 2 hours) is free.

Fees for all subsequent sessions are determined on a case-by-case basis. Pay-What-You-Can sessions are available for those on a strict budget, who need to transform their life situations to go forward and thrive. Please contact me to discuss how I may best assist your needs.